1000 litre Flow Bin



The Uses of IBC Tanks.

IBCs are used across a wide range of industries for liquid transport and storage, including:

Among other benefits, IBCs are easy to handle, durable, reusable and kinder to the environment. & they offer the storage capacity of six standard drums, to give you the ability to move more materials in fewer containers.

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Intermediate Bulk Containers in the Paints and Coating Industry.

Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) are rapidly growing for use in the liquid transport of paints and industrial coatings. Stainless steel IBCs are one of the acceptable packaging methods for hazardous and corrosive liquids transport, while they also serve a dual role as efficient warehouse storage.

While IBCs are a cost effective and safe method for the transportation of paints and coatings, the key challenge to fully replacing 210 Litre Steel or Plastic drums in the paints and coatings industry lies in full adoption across all supply chain participants, including domestic small to medium businesses, and also when shipping to foreign destinations. Large corporations are spearheading the transition from drums to totes, and many are expecting supply chain vendors to have accommodating facilities

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